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    Sheep highway in Ireland.

    I hope you get to see this



    I hope so too! 

  2. a man of many forms
    digital art print 2014
    artist : elliot short
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    Album of Indian ferns : reproduced in chromo-lithography from original water-colour drawings / by C.E. Baynes. on Flickr.

    Publication info London :W. Day,1887.
    Contributing Library:
    University of California Libraries
    BioDiv. Library

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    Anatomy week 1- Introduction to the Skeleton.

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    On September 15-16, 2012, a team of gynecological surgeons from the University of Gothenburg performed the world’s first mother-to daughter uterus transplantation, when two Swedish women received new wombs donated by their mothers. According to their release, the surgery resulted in no complications, and the donating mothers are up and walking. The first patient had her uterus removed in 1998 because of surgery for cervical cancer, while the second patient was born without a uterus. Prior to the procedure, each woman, both of whom are in their 30s, underwent IVF-treatments. So, assuming the procedure worked, these women might someday be able to give birth using the wombs in which they themselves were carried in.

    This is INSANE.


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    Skeleton Sketches

    • by Alison Atkin

    I absolutely adore skeleton sketches. This summer on the site where I was supervising we acquired an enormous amount from all of our students. I’ve put together a collection of them below, for your viewing pleasure. We excavated thirty-one skeletons this summer, twenty-nine of which had their own recording sheets, and we also had a section through a charnel pit in the southwest of the cemetery.

    So, this is how it works. I’ve included a sketch for each skeleton from each student that recorded them – so it ranges from one to four sketeches per skeleton. They’re arranged in numbered order (SK 747 – SK 791) from left to right in rows. I seriously hope these brighten your day. I am sure there’s a paper in here somewhere – on the representation of skeletal images.*

    *I am actually super interested in the fact that the more someone’s knowledge of skeletal anatomy increases the more their skeleton sketches improve – even if they haven’t actively done anything to alter the way they sketch.”

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  7. "When I woke up just after dawn on September 28, 1928, I certainly didn’t plan to revolutionise all medicine by discovering the world’s first antibiotic, or bacteria killer. But I suppose that was exactly what I did."

    Alexander Fleming

    on his accidental discovery of penicillin, the world’s first antibiotic. Fleming had left a bacterial culture unattended in a corner of his lab. To his surprise, a fungal colony had contaminated the dish and had destroyed a region of the bacteria surrounding it. 

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