1. vintagegal:

    Happy Birthday Twiggy!  (September 19 1949)

  2. malformalady:

    Bust comprised of bones by artist Bruce Mahalski. This life-size bust is of a female sheep/human hybrid made of rabbit vertebrae apart from the spinal area which is made of sheep vertebrae and other bones. In common with the sales process the piece has a hole in it revealing that the center is empty.

  3. lomographicsociety:

    Monday Moodboard: Negative-free Photography

    No, going negative-free when it comes to photography doesn’t always mean shooting digital. http://bit.ly/1r2lnzn

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    Check out the world’s smallest wet plate camera made of toothpicks and popsicle sticks!

    Profkleindorf claims to have made this tiny camera that actually works!

    The World’s Smallest Wet Plate Camera?

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    Alejandra Acosta illustrations to Angela Carter

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  6. "I don’t know what ‘likable’ is. I know people who are doting parents, who give to charity, drive Priuses, all those things, who are insufferable assholes. I like people who get shit done."
    — David Fincher about his preference for unconventional characters (x)

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    This is my most favorite picture in the history of ever

    I want to take someone to a field of sunflowers one day

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  8. asylum-art:

    Helen Pynor: Liquid Ground

    Helen Pynor is an Australian artist whose practice incorporates sculpture and more recently photography. Drawing on her dual backgrounds in Biology and Visual Arts, Pynor’s works explore the interiority of the body and other living organisms. In her recent photographic series, Liquid Ground, Pynor has created a suite of Type-C prints that are face mounted to glass, creating a cool, watery atmosphere. Her images of visceral bodily organs floating through gossamer garments underwater are unerringly beautiful and melancholic, in narratives past and present.

    Pynor was the winner of the RBS Emerging Artist Award 2009 and also the joint winner of the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award 2008. Liquid Ground was on show during November/December 2010, at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney.

    C-Print, diasec on glass. All images courtesy the artist and Dominik Mersch Gallery

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  9. soundvsvision:

    So the most magical thing happened to me in Detroit the other day

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  10. cross-connect:

    Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas are two designers / musicians / illustrators from Portugal who also happen to be a married couple. A big part of their inspiration comes from music. They are both multi-instrumentalists and listen to many different genres. They take the same approach to art as to music, not being constrained by labels. You can find their work posted on Tumblr as @falcaolucasart.


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